Song Dynasty 960-1279

Bowl Carved with a Design of Boys Among Peonies.  Qingbai ware, porcelain with pale blue glaze, 12th century

Qingbai ware is colored blueish white due to the combination of white firing porcelain clay and the small iron amount of iron in the glaze.  Firing in reduction causes the iron to turn blue instead of a pale amber or olive color.  The thin potting of this bowl causes the piece to be translucent in light.  Designs on this type of bowl were incised, carved, and molded.  Designs showing two or three small boys climbing among flowers are common in Qingbai wares.  The peony symbolizes spring and is an omen of good fortune.
 Northern Song Pillow covered with white slip and incised with the character for longevity.
above images from The Art Institute of Chicago

above images fro the Museum of East Asian Art, Bath, England